What keeps students interested and motivated to join TSH ...

• Stimulating environment.
• Continued support for all activities and ideas.
• Certified certificates from the Center for Research Excellence and College.
• Priority to participate in research and activities to promote CV.

Benefits of joining in TSH ...

Volunteer work : Opportunities to participate in campaigns and research in the field of accidents under the supervision of a group of specialized doctors.
• Scientific and practical experience, development of leadership and communication skills.
• Obtaining certified certificates.

Role of Trauma Student ...

• Contribute to research programs.
• Help to organize the scientific content of campaigns and conferences.
• Participate in organizing conferences and campaigns.
• Work within the hospital for the projects of the Therapy Committee.
• Assist in the design and production of club publications and activities.
• Assist in managing the club's social media accounts.

Clinical side of students: Is it possible for a student to contribute to patients education?

• Establishing an educational pyramid by training a group of students with a specific skill and then assigning this group to teach another group to contribute to the dissemination of science and to seek to educate the patients after passing the test and before the actual passage of patients to verify the correct information and understanding.
• Make the student part of the team responsible for the treatment of accidents and its role is to educate patients when hypnosis.

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