• Education committee.
• Research committee.
• Therapy committee.
• Rehabilitation committee.

1) Education committee

For students

• What to do when they attend case of trauma? (support)
• Educational courses.

For patients

• Campaign :
Awareness (what to do in case of trauma like first aid, fracture splint, dealing with burns, difference between fracture, sprains), approach in case of road traffic accident.
• Videos :
YouTube or in clinic only (to have a digital library by making a competition among university students to make videos about different subjects in trauma)
• Booklets :
(red flags of trauma, signs of facial fractures, dealing with bleeding and trauma like finger cut)

2) Research committee

• Connect students with doctors.
• Database for KAUH Trauma cases.

3) Therapy committee

For patients in hospital ...

• Provide sand for "Tyammum" to help patients unable to perform ablution.
• Psychological support (visits and referral to the psychiatric clinic)

4) Rehabilitation committee

For patients after discharge

• Video if patient need physiotherapy; instead of pictures only. ( make a library for most common exercise; YouTube or app?)
• Telemedicine ( TM ) technology for follow up, introduce live video conference ( schedule it as a regular clinic, so the patient can choose regular clinic or TM clinic before discharge)