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  • Sign Up Agreement

    Terms and Conditions

    When you register, you agree with the following terms and conditions. Please read carefully before you sign up.

    These terms are legal agreements between you and the Center of Excellence in Trauma and Accidents. Any interference or disruption on the site may take action such as termination or suspension of your account and forfeit of any outstanding balance of payments for the course, workshop or membership.

    Registration will only be confirmed upon the receipt of your payment.

    Once you sign up, you will be able to register for multiple courses according to your desire dates.  However, it is your responsibility to reassure that your registered course is definite to avoid postponement and cancellation.

    When the course is confirmed, you will still be able to change it but with a minimum of one-month from the date of the activity/course.  This can only be done once and cannot be guaranteed.

    The course will be confirmed 48hrs prior to the course with a minimum of 16-20 candidates.

    Request for cancellation or postponement of the course must be made strictly 1 month before the course date thru email address

    Cancellation more than one month ahead of the course date will receive a full refund (less 100SR for an administrative fee).

    Cancellation less than a month ahead of the course date will receive no refund.

    Failure to attend the course without notification is considered a cancellation, no refund will be issued, and you must register and pay again if you wish to take the course on another date.

    Participants request cancellation within a month period prior to the course date, or those who fail to attend can receive a refund (less 100SR administrative fee) if they can provide evidence within 5 days that they were affected by serious illness or cause such as;  1-Serious illness (none elective hospital admission or serious injury).  2-Loss or Bereavement (death or a first relative family member) 3-Hardship/Trauma (victim of a crime, victim of a traffic accident).

    You must send a letter and attach the appropriate documentation or evidence such as a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death notice or certificate or a police report.

    For more information, you may contact the CETA office.

    Online payment must be done using your Mastercard or Visa

    An additional 150SR to be paid on-site (for the weekend course)

    We shall keep any information submitted by you to us in confidence and shall only share it with third parties in accordance with our privacy policy.  Only the staff or administration member from the Center of Excellence in Trauma and Accidents will have a reasonable need to access your data.

    Any misconduct or dissemination of an image not related to the site and dispersed through a variety of communications media attracts to public notice and public interest will be liable to the law.  For the user, you will be certain that your photograph will not be released without your consent.

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