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    Education Unit

    As the trauma is the main killer of the young generation with painful and lasting consequences and disabilities. The medical students and general surgeon residents need to be armed with the cutting edge of education and training in the field of trauma. We all cognizant that effective care of injured patients is dependent on the provision of high level of education in trauma where every second counts.

    Recently, the medical schools are facing increasing number of medical students which make the traditional way of teaching very impotence to assure the adequate knowledge and skills acquisition. The inclusive trauma center will put in place a system of multiple modalities of teaching with flexible and stimulating natures for very precise and possible objectives.

    Education Unit

    Goals and Objectives

    To develop an inciting and prosperous environment for trauma education.

    To hold a meritorious leadership position in the trauma care education at the local and national scales.

    To Assure a proficient graduate in dealing with different acuities of trauma cases.

    To build a trustable and a close attachment with the new surgical graduates for the unique and parental trauma educational assistants at local and national level.

    To standardize the care of injured patient across the nation.

    Educational Teachings

    Educational Modalities

    Simulation-Based Teaching

    The simulation based teaching is increasingly used modality in the medical education. In addition, it provides a mistake-forgiving environment for teaching. This will give opportunities for the students to record, act and debrief their teaching session with peers and trauma professions.

    Trauma Grand Round

    We will conduct a Trauma grand round once a week, with a future plan to coordinate with other trauma centers in the city to be connected in telemedicine network, which will make it a great opportunity to share experiences and to learn from different schools of knowledge.

    City-Wide Meeting

    It will be arranged with other trauma players in the city every 4 months (3 time a year). This will assure regular communication with other trauma players in the city. In addition, it will provide a great occasion to bridge the gap between other governmental sectors and to unify the vision against the trauma front.
    This activity will be arranged by the head of trauma service with other trauma centers in the city.
    The locations will to be in amicable place away from the hospital and clinical duties. The location will be decided depending on the service budget and financial commitments. Every head of trauma service in the city will be invited to attend.

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